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DF In the Community: Hammond, IN

In our continuing effort to promote education in our industry a DF-505/220V The MAXI Steel Repair Station and DF-509 Rolling Stand was donated to a group of deserving students in Hammond, IN.

Samantha M. is the Collision Repair and Refinish Technology Instructor at Area Career Center and stated her students were thrilled to use the new equipment. She went on to say that the student's confidence in their repair abilities and steel repair skills are increasing thanks in part to The Maxi. Some second year students are so confident that they joke they can now instruct the class and claim they will never use a stud gun again. That is what we like to hear!

We are all glad to see these great students learning, having fun, and advancing their body repair careers with Dent Fix Equipment. We wish the best of luck and success in their pursuit of their goals and dreams.

About Dent Fix Equipment:

Dent Fix Equipment and Spitznagel Specialty Tools have been proudly providing the technician with the highest quality in innovative equipment since 1979. Every year Dent Fix has brought many new products to our customers that help complete their tasks more efficiently.

Dent Fix Equipment enables the technician to finish the job faster with less risk of making errors which saves them more money on each job. Our equipment lightens your work load as well as the stress put on you by the end of the day. Quality tools are worth their weight in gold. They work when they a supposed to and help when help is needed, speeding the user through their day. From Drilling through Boron Steel to fixing Aluminum Panels to Measuring Vehicle Dimensions to Punching Plug Holes to Popping Plastic Rivets to Removing Undercoating to Paintless Dent Repair to Self-Piercing Riveters, Dent Fix brings you the latest tools and equipment from around the world.

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