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In the Community: Special Request from a Friend

Dent Fix Equipment has been bringing the collision repair industry unique tools and equipment for over forty-one years. We will keep doing it because of technicians who understand the right tools, in the right hands are a wonderful thing.

We are extremely proud of the Tools and Equipment we offer to the body shop community but even more proud of how the community has welcomed us into the panel beating family.

So when a highly talented technician like Kishan Deoraj (Instagram: @_collisionkd) asked us to sign a hoodie for him, we did it no questions asked. He has been down with Dent Fix since day one and we will always have his back. Dent Fix has been a long standing part of his career ever since his father taught him quality tools make all the difference. His father handed him down his first piece of Dent Fix equipment; the DF-15DX Spot Annihilator. (pictured right) He has continued to carry on the tradition and uses pieces from his Dent Fix arsenal everyday. He even has a retired MAXI that he keeps in his man-cave at home among his favorite tools! Kishan stated, "I have always been down with Dent Fix because they make tools exactly how body guys like them!" Customer feedback like that is music to our ears. Three generations of the Spitznagel family, upper management, and all employees at LA-area campus signed this hoodie as token of appreciation for our dear friend.

Cheers to you Kishan and thank you for your support we hope you enjoy the care package from everyone at Dent Fix Equipment!

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