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DF-3D Digital Tram Gauge: Brian Hall Review

Measure point to point with digital accuracy.

Brian Hall aka @bbrroocoollii, an enormously talented body technician and co-host of the highly popular Jimmy Oaks YouTube channel, reveals why he uses Dent Fix Equipment's DF-3D Digital Tram Gauge everyday.

If "BHall" isn't drifting his BMW E46 on the track or modifying his sweet VW Mk2 he can be found repairing customers vehicles with some of the best equipment Dent Fix has to offer. His sense of humor, quick wit, and passion for all things automotive is really entertaining to watch and you can't help but wonder how fun it would be if he was working in the bay next to you.

From the collision shop to the speed shop the DF-3D Digital Tram Gauge is the perfect solution for all your vehicle measuring needs.

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