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Rack time is expensive, free up your rack in minutes with the Body Buggy!

The patented Body Buggy from Dent Fix Equipment, Part No. DF-BB104 & DF-BB105, makes the difficult task of moving a disabled vehicle simple and safe. After a simple five minute installation, the unit becomes “part of the vehicle”, negating the need to employ any unstable or dangerous lift points. The included spacer kit allows for the use of original fasteners, alleviating the need for any additional fastener inventory. When installed, the vehicle is easily rolled onto a frame rack, into a paint booth or to storage, out of the way of production. The device can be installed on the front or rear of most any vehicle using the cradle or sub-frame mounting points and hardware.

Jon Adams is a service manager at a large GM dealership and collision center. He designed this product out of frustration from lifts being tied up by delays due to parts availability, approval delays, shipping delays, etc. “This device will contribute to profitability, safety and significant time saving of any service or repair center,” said Jon Adams.

APPLICATION Quick and safe method to transport disabled vehicles off a rack. Vehicle is secured and easily moved around the shop. Roll onto a frame machine or into a paint booth.


  • FREE UP RACKS - Quickly move disabled vehicles off the rack when waiting on parts, inspections, or other delays.

  • HIGHLY MOBILE - Move the vehicle by hand over speed bumps, dips, or uneven pavement.

  • VERSATILE - Install on the front or rear of most any vehicle with the wheel assemblies placed on either side of the mounting point.

  • MADE IN THE USA - Design & manufactured in California for the utmost in quality.

INCLUDES Main Beam (4 Foot or 5 Foot), Wheel Assemblies, Sliding Lock Collars, Mounting Brackets (2 Pairs of different heights), Hitch Pins & Clips, Fitment Pin Spacer, Storage Crate, and 10 pc Spacer Kit.



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