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A Message to Our Customers

We remain open because we are fortunate enough to be considered an essential business and we are honored to be able to provide for our employees, their families, our distributors, and the essential body shop community located across the country.

At our corporate campus, the entire Dent Fix staff and management team has taken the necessary precautions to ensure we are following all governmental health guidelines to protect the staff and our customers who receive our shipments.

All employees at our campus are required to wear a fresh pair of gloves and masks at all times. Everyone must work in the building they are assigned and are not allowed to visit other buildings under any circumstances.

Our customary no-contact product wipe down and end-of-day work station cleaning procedures have been optimized to maximize the sterilization of our products and minimize any expose before they are shipped.

We have closed the doors to any outside visitors and the general public. All employees who are able are required to work from home.

We would like to thank all the essential workers, out there fighting everyday, for their sacrifice and commitment to supporting their communities.

Please stay safe out there!

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