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NEW: EZ Nitro DXE Plastic Repair Station with N2 Generator

Introducing the EZ Nitro Plastic Repair Station DXE - Extended: Engineered to meet the needs of Premier Auto Body Shops everywhere. The easiest to use and most capable plastic welder station EVER, available only from Dent Fix Equipment!

Ditch the bottle! There is no need to refill nitrogen bottles thanks to our on-board nitrogen generator!

The proprietary Flow Adjust Switch Technology (FAST) system makes the DF-EZN1G/DXE the easiest nitrogen welder to learn and use. It simplifies nitrogen welding and eliminates flow adjustments by the user. This significantly reduces the time to set up the welder and gets the work done FAST.

In addition to a nitrogen welder the kit also includes a thermoplastic hot stapler kit, complete with 7 variety of staples. We also include three mini die grinders with 3 different bits, hand seamer, heat gun, ring hammer, multi-clip pliers, shaping tools, trim removal tools, and a complete variety of every plastic welding rods (ABS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, and Polyurethane).

As added bonus, a high pressure N2 Outlet gives you the ability to attach air-powered tools to the side of the unit and run on nitrogen! Nitrogen is beneficial because it has a lower moisture content, compared to shop air, which helps safeguard the internals from corrosion.

SAVE MONEY IN THE LONG RUN - Over the coarse of a year how many times does your shop refill the nitrogen tanks? It can get expensive. Ditch the bottle and make the switch to EZ Nitro Generator, Today!

NO MORE DELAYS & NEVER REFILL TANKS - Have you ever run out of N2 in the middle of a job? If you have, it is annoying and requires a run to the welder supply store. Eliminate delays and never run out again.

AVOID N2 TANK SAFETY CONCERNS - Nitrogen tanks are under high pressure and have the potential to be a workplace hazard. Plus extra tanks can take up precious shop floor and have to be stored properly.

The DF-EZN1G/DXE EZ Nitro Plastic Repair Station from Dent Fix Equipment is everything you need your plastic repair station to be, plus more.

Kit Includes:

  • EZ Nitro Plastic Welder with Nitrogen and Airless Plastic Welding capabilities

  • Nitrogen Generator - Creates nitrogen from the atmosphere eliminating the need to refill bottles!

  • Hot Stapler - Deluxe Kit with 7 varieties of StapleClips (DF-800BR)

  • Assortment of Plastic Welding Rods (ABS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, and Polyurethane)

  • Three (3) Mini Die grinders with 3 Unique Bits

  • Electronic-Controlled Heat Gun (DF-900HG)

  • Double End Nylon Dolley (DF-900DEND)

  • Round Head Nylon Chisel (DF-900RHND)

  • Aluminum Tape (DF-EZN1-AT150)

  • Multi-Clip Pliers (DF-625)

  • Plastic Clip Pliers (DF-624CP)

  • Clip Lifter (DF-618CL)

  • Hand Seamer (DF-EZN1HS)

  • Ring Hammer (DF-903)

  • Dust Cover

  • Utility Wedge Set (DF-609)

  • Plastic Lever Scraper (DF-WK20)

  • Heat Gun Holster

  • Lockable Cabinet with Keys

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