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Dent Fix Welcomes New Sales Partner - Pacific Produx Reps (PPX)

Dent Fix Equipment is proud to announce and welcome a new partnership with Pacific Produx Reps (PPX), an experienced company based in San Diego, as part of our initiative to provide the best customer experience possible. PPX ( is an employee-owned sales and marketing company covering the Western United States including Southern & Northern California, Pacific North West, South West, and Mountain States. They are committed to support the Dent Fix Equipment brand in the automotive collision sectors by applying their sales approach which includes education, demonstration, and installation.

"PPX Reps aims to compliment the positive reputation of Dent Fix Equipment, and help drive added distributor focus and end user support. We are excited to present and promote the full and complete line of quality tools to auto body technicians across the Western Region", stated Danny Votel, Regional Manager.

Dent Fix Equipment has been based in the Los Angeles area since 1979 and is currently celebrating it's 41-year anniversary. Their headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution center in Gardena, CA focuses on delivering innovative products while providing a personable customer experience that is second to none.



Danny Votel | SoCal Regional Manager (CA, AZ) |

Joshua Strobl | SoCal Business Development |

Shane Boal | SoCal Territory Sales Manager |

Kyle Tye | SoCal Territory Sales Manager |

Chuck Leedy | NorCal, WA, OR, Mnt States Regional Sales Mgr |

Jimmy Donahue | NorCal Dir. of Sales / Corp. Dir. of Sales |

Scott Bily | Pacific NorthWest |

Ed Paine | Pacific NorthWest |

Mike Hamilton | Pacific NW (OR) Territory Sales Manager |

John Metcalf | Mnt States Territory Manager |

Glen Clarke | Mnt States Territory Manager |

Shane Anondson | SW Territory Sales Manager |


PPX Reps is an employee-owned sales and marketing company specializing in the automotive, industrial, marine and related industries. We are committed to excellent support and business development of our manufacturers. PPX is driven to build and grow successful partnerships.

Our approach is one of action. We refer to it as “The 3 ‘tions”:

Education, Demonstration and Installation.

Education: Trade industries require up-to-the-minute knowledge transfer to stay ahead of trends, application procedures, compliancy, etc. Our focus on education is visible at all levels of the supply chain. Education is a core value of our reps and is pivotal in our day-to-day efforts.

Demonstration: Whether it’s new products, time/money saving technology or best practices, we understand you need to see it to believe it. Our field representatives are equipped with the products and knowledge to demonstrate in your unique work environment and provide the hands on experience.

Installation: We understand your commitment to a product or service is the first step. With PPX reps, we commit to offering on-going support, in addition to assisting with the integration of products into your business.


Dent Fix Equipment and Spitznagel Specialty Tools have been proudly providing the technician with the highest quality in innovative equipment since 1979. Every year Dent Fix has brought many new products to our customers that help complete their tasks more efficiently.

Dent Fix Equipment enables the technician to finish the job faster with less risk of making errors which saves them more money on each job. Our equipment lightens your work load as well as the stress put on you by the end of the day. Quality tools are worth their weight in gold. They work when they a supposed to and help when help is needed, speeding the user through their day. From Drilling through Boron Steel to fixing Aluminum Panels to Measuring Vehicle Dimensions to Punching Plug Holes to Popping Plastic Rivets to Removing Undercoating to Paintless Dent Repair to Self-Piercing Riveters, Dent Fix brings you the latest tools and equipment from around the world.

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