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DENT FIX HEADS NORTH Speciality Product Sales Joins the Family

Dent Fix Equipment is proud to announce and welcome a new partnership with Speciality Product Sales (SPS), an experienced company based out of the "Great White North", as part of our initiative to provide the best customer experience possible. For over 30 years they have been supporting all aspects of the Automotive Aftermarket in Canada. SPS will be covering Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, and British Columbia.

Larry Bergmann, President and Owner, had this to say about the announcement, "We are excited to take on this excellent line of equipment, tools and accessories. Dent Fix is a perfect fit to our agency and we are excited about educating our customers in everything that Dent Fix has to offer to this industry."


Speciality Product Sales International Inc. was established by Jack Bergmann in 1986, and it has been helping and supporting manufacturers and Canadian distribution ever since. With over 100 years worth of sales rep experience based across Canada, SPS provides a very effective means for manufacturers to support their products in markets that they would not normally be able to reach. The reps of SPS help Canadian distributors and their customers stay informed and supported on the latest product offerings, and open doors to new customer opportunities.

Larry Bergmann | Canada/West | 403.630.9292

Doug Dunning | Ontario | 416.806.5890

Marc Bouchard | Quebec | Phone: 450.492.9012

Terry Theriault | Atlantic Canada | Phone: 506.875.4635

Josh Stoesz | British Columbia | Phone: 778.220.0709

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