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Parking Sensor and Lens Hole Maker

Have you ever had to install parking sensors on a bumper with no holes? It is not fun. The labor intensive method some people use is to drill multiple holes and file the extra material away for a less than stellar result. This is the old way and takes up too much time. Save yourself the headache, try out the "Dent Fix Way".

Dent Fix Equipment has come up with a faster and better solution: DF-EZ10 Parking Sensor & Lens Hole Maker.

For more information click here for a flyer or to purchase click here.


  1. Determine the location of the sensor on the inside of the bumper cover or part. If there is no indication of the sensor hole location follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for determining the proper hole location.

  2. Drill a pilot hole in the middle of the sensor location with the included drill bit and drill (not included).

  3. Once the desired sensor hole diameter is determined, select the corresponding 3-pieces plate column from the kit. (Pushing Plate/Top Cutting Plate/Bottom Cutting Plate). Each column cuts 2 different sizes.

  4. Assemble (See Diagram) the Bottom Cutting Plate to the Center Piece Screw with the desired hole size facing the plastic.

  5. Slide the Screw through the pilot hole on the outside of the plastic bumper cover with Bottom Cutting Plate touching the paint side.

  6. Place the matching Top Cutting Plate (from the column) to the Screw on the inside of the bumper cover. The desired cutting size should be facing the plastic.

  7. Install the Pushing Plate on the Screw, on top of the Top Cutting Plate. The Pushing Plate’s flat piece (with Dent Fix Logo) is facing away from the Top Cutting Plate.

  8. Install the Locking Bolt on Screw end. Screw on hand tight.

  9. Take a 13mm ratchet wrench (not included) and tighten the screw until the hole is punched.

  10. Reverse the locking bolt to separate the tool from the bumper.

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