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The MAXI Extended - 220V

$6 690.65
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The #1 Steel Dent Repair Station PLUS Glue Pulling & MORE!

The DF-505/DXE Maxi Extended is the ultimate steel repair station! Every tool you need all in one station that can be rolled to different bays in the shop. A lockable cabinet with foam fitted inserts to keep the tools organized and accounted for. Made in the USA.

Multiple weld-on pulling, no-heat glue pulling, and metal shaping options to repair damage in automotive steel panels and rockers.


• HD GLUE & TABS - Performs heavy duty pulls without any welding or removing of parts, paint, or protective coatings.

• EVERY MAXI PULLER - Easily accessible and neatly organized for increased efficiency.

• METAL SHAPING TOOLS - Includes six hammers, seven dollies, body file, & fender puller.

• 5 YEAR WARRANTY - Peace of mind your investment will be working when you need it.

  • 220V The Maxi Single Phase Unit Welder
  • Lockable 5-Drawer Cart
  • NEW! Glue Puller Xtreme (DF-GPX)
  • 5-Piece Hammer Set
  • 6-Piece Dolly Set
  • Body File & Blade
  • Bridge Puller (DF-505BP)
  • NEW ! 9-Finger Bear Claw Attachment (DF-505BP/09)
  • Maxi Massager (DF-505DM)
  • 9-Finger Bear Claw (DF-506)
  • 4-Finger Bear Claw (DF-504)
  • Leverage Puller (DF-503L)
  • NEW ! GPX Leverage Puller (DF-900LP)
  • Magnetic Key Electrode (DF-503KEM)
  • Wiggle Wire Sample
  • Stud Pin Samples
  • Weld Key Samples
  • Right Angle Undercoat Remover (DF-701) with brush and eraser wheels
  • Flexible Fender Puller (DF-HD0140)
  • Finger Belt Sander (DF-FBS16)
  • Door Prop Stick (DF-DSP1)
  • Suction Gun (DF-SG70)
  • Ring Hammer (DF-903)
  • Plastic Scrapper (DF-WK20)
  • Wedge Scrapper Set (DF-609)
  • Multi-Clip Pliers (DF-625)
  • Bodyline Marker Tool (DF-BL10A)
  • Surge Protector (DF-601A)
  • Safety Glasses (DF-901SG)
  • Dust Cover (DF-505DXEDC

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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