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Glue Puller Xtreme

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A heavy duty GPR glue puller kit that is in a league of it’s own!

The DF-GPX Glue Puller Extreme will perform repairs on major panel damage with a minimum of tear down, prep, clean up, and damage to the vehicle. Allows the user to pull panels without removing paint or corrosion protection, with out removing other parts, and with out the need to weld pull tabs onto the car. This tool is the 1st choice for tear down and access pulls to determine the extent of the damage, and accessing the internal damage. Works great when pulling to see if a panel will be repairable, because of the minimal tear down, prep, clean up and damage to the vehicle. Floor pulls for simple sheet metal alignment is no problem. This tool allows the user to glue and pull without the high temperatures of welding pull tabs. This can be crucial when working with heat sensitive ultra-high strength steels. The kit comes with wide variety of tabs, a pulling harness with 3 arms, glue gun, plastic scraper, knock down tool (4 heads), and release agent.

Utilizes large glue pads with heavy duty glue to pull and straighten large damaged areas on external sheet metal.

• HD GLUE & TABS - Perform heavy duty pulls without any welding or removing of parts, paint, or protective coatings.

• PULLING HARNESS - Attach the pulling harness to machine-aided puller for the toughest pulls.

• SAVE TIME & COATINGS- Avoid welding/arc procedures and damaging the coating.

• NO HEAT - Repair heat sensitive materials.

Glue Gun: 12V
Glue Type: Heavy Duty
5-Ring Tabs: Four
4-Ring Tabs: Four
3-Ring Tabs: Four
2-Ring Tabs: Three
1-Ring Tabs: Three
Knock Down Tool: 4 Heads

Replacement glue sticks:
DF-DM520GS Regular Strength (Amber)
DF-HS10 High Strength (Red)
DF-PG10 Professional Strength (Yellow)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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