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Emitter Pins for StaticZAP - 5 Pc

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DOWNLOAD PDF: Emitter Pin Replacement

The DF-ZAP01 Emitter Pin is a replacement part for the DF-EZAP StaticZAP (Sold Separately).

Includes 5 emitter pins.

Emitter Pin Replacement - Part # DF-EZAP
DOWNLOAD PDF: Emitter Pin Replacement

Replace the emitter pin as follows:
1. Turn off the compressed air.
2. CAUTION: To avoid shock hazard insert the safety key into the battery jack and attach the trigger lockout clip behind the trigger.
3. Carefully squeeze tabs together and slide the air nozzle off of the StaticZAP.
4. Using a pair of tweezers or pliers remove emitter pin from the pin holder, then through the outlet hole of the ionizer. Dispose of the emitter pin.
CAUTION: do not bend the pin holder.
5. Insert the new emitter pin using the tweezers or pliers. Be sure to push the emitter pin in as far as it will go.
CAUTION: do not bend the pin holder.
6. Carefully slide the air nozzle back over the tabs and snap it into place.
7. Remove the safety key and the trigger lockout clip. (Do not discard, save to use later)
8. Turn on the compressed air.

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