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The StaticZap (DF-EZAP) anti-static device that keeps the surface clean during the paint process to avoid unnecessary reworking and buffing, saving both time and money.

Static attracts dust and unwanted particles, making it very difficult to keep surfaces clean and causing blemishes in the paint’s finish and other work surfaces. It’s absolutely essential to eliminate static from the environment—at every stage of painting—in order to avoid costly reworking.

The StaticZap incorporates the efficiency and power of an air amplifier with the proven technology of corona ionization to produce a highly effective anti-static blow-off device. Perform the anti-static blow off before starting and at every stage in the painting process to eliminate fish eyes and produce a finish that looks like glass.

The two-minute anti-static process will decrease the amount of time needed for wet sanding and buffing which saves time on prep work and also cuts down on labor and materials.

Works wonders when installing vehicle vinyl wraps too!

The Kit includes a lightweight durable anti-static device, rechargeable lithium ion battery, two emitter pins, and safety keys.

"Too often, body shops overlook the importance of proper preparation and cleanliness in the paint process, and rely on the buffing/polishing phase of the repair process to address paint quality related issues. Reimbursement for denib & polish or color sand and buff is generally poor, and oftentimes more labor is spent than what we are compensated for. The StaticZap is a vital tool that all painters should incorporate into their pre-application routine to reduce the time spent with re-do's and buffing/polishing after paint. The StaticZap is easy to use, and the difference before/after using the tool is huge. Any paint team looking into increase their productivity and reduce their cycle time should definitely invest in this tool. I did not receive any compensation for this review--this is an unbiased assessment."
- Andrew B. | BMW Body Shop Manager in Southern California

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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