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StapleClip - S

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Pack of 50 stainless steel DF-800SC/50 S-Clip Breakaway StapleClips. Intended for hole application points on thermoplastic parts such as bumpers and clips. This staple is a specialty staple that can be used in specific areas like round curves and also in areas where there is little obstruction. When used on open area cracks for best results, after submerging the staple into the plastic give a clockwise twist while the staple still hot. This twist helps to further reinforce the repair area.

Breakaway StapleClips
This small design element will cut cycle time and save technicians extra steps. The leads are notched like someone took an axe to a tree, allowing them to be snapped off with a hand, instead of having to go back with snips. The time savings does not stop there: if sunken deep enough the leads will break below the surface of the plastic eliminating the need to go back over with a grinder later. Over time these simple improvements make the difference in profitability and not going over the allocated time.

Consumable replacement part for the DF-400BR, DF-800BR, or any other Hot Stapler.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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