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MMX Measure/Mix Disposable Paint Cup Lining System

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Product Details

An adapter is needed for this product to function properly with your spray gun. See Adapters HERE.

The MMX Measure/Mix is a disposable paint cup lining system (MMX) that is designed with time savings features and benefits. They are available in multiple sizes, 125 or 190 micron filter, and UV cups are also available: HERE

Features & Benefits:

  1. Improved Tops for easier use
  2. Widened Base: Easier to push in & out. It also makes the cup more stable when the cup system is upside down
  3. Two Sizes of Top Plug: Universal for both
  4. Corrugated Surface Structure & Frosted Texture: Easier hold & smooth twist
  5. Direction Marks: Easier usage

Cup Variations & Part Numbers:

  • MMXA90/50 Measure Mix 3.0oz (90ml) 50pc 125 mic
  • MMXB90/50 Measure Mix 3.0oz (90ml) 50pc 190 mic
  • MMXA180/50 Measure Mix 6.0oz (180ml) 50pc 125 mic
  • MMXB180/50 Measure Mix 6.0oz (180ml) 50pc 190 mic
  • MMXA400/24 Measure Mix 13.5oz (400ml) 24pc 125 mic
  • MMXA400/50 Measure Mix 13.5oz (400ml) 50pc 125mic
  • MMXB400/24 Measure Mix 13.5oz (400ml) 24pcs 190mic
  • MMXB400/50 Measure Mix 13.5oz (400ml) 50pcs 190 mic
  • MMXA650/24 Measure Mix 22oz (650ml) 24pcs 125mic
  • MMXA650/50 Measure Mix 22oz (650ml) 50pcs 125mic
  • MMXB650/24 Measure Mix 22oz (650ml) 24pcs 190mic
  • MMXB650/50 Measure Mix 22oz (650ml) 50pcs 190mic
  • MMXA850/24 Measure Mix 29oz (850ml) 24pcs 125mic
  • MMXA850/50 Measure Mix 29oz (850ml) 50pcs 125mic
  • MMXB850/24 Measure Mix 29oz (850ml) 24pcs 190mic
  • MMXB850/50 Measure Mix 29oz (850ml) 50pcs 190mic

UV Cup System also available HERE:

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