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Bridge Puller - MAXI

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The DF-505BP MAXI Bridge Puller is a great way for Techs to perform controlled panel pulls. The Pull Control Wheel allows the tech to add incremental levels of force and lock the pull in that position. Adjustable legs can be positioned to slide anywhere along the length of the main support bar. Two types of legs are included: one leg with a ball joint and one leg with a hinge. Rubber padded feet protect the paint of the undamaged areas of the vehicle.

Add an optional DF-505BP/09 9-FInger Bear Claw attachment for even more controlled pulls of larger sections of metal.

This bridge puller is able to perform steel or aluminum pulls*

Steel (Weld-on or Glue):
When using the DF-505 Maxi System you can pull with wiggle wire or weld keys attached to the panel. For the weld keys you will also need the DF-505KEM Magnetic Key Electrode. Simply weld keys (DF-503KF & DF-503KT) in desired location, connect rod through eyelets in the keys, and attached to the Bridge Puller. Bridge can also be used with the Glue Pads/Glue from the DF-GPX Glue Pull Xtreme.

Aluminum (Weld-on or Glue):
When using an aluminum welder weld M4x12 studs to the panel an attach screw on eyelets to the studs. Install pull rod and bridge puller. Bridge can also be used with the Glue Pads/Glue from the DF-GPX Glue Pull Xtreme.

Kit includes: The main support bar, one ball joint leg, one seesaw leg, 2 finger claw, pull control wheel system, and 2 rod attachments (long and short). Pulling consumables like weld keys, wiggle wire, and/or glue pads are not included with the MAXI Bridge Puller DF-505BP and are purchased separately.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

*Please note: Working with tools for both steel and aluminum repairs can contaminate the panels affect paint performance, it is best practice not to use on back to back pulls (steel then aluminum, or vice versa) and if you do, throughly clean before transferring to another repair. Even better use the tool on one dedicated metal aluminum or steel not both.

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