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POM Nylon Dolly Set - 12 pc

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Made of polyoxymethylene (POM) the DF-AB712 is a set of 12 rigid dollies that are non-marking when impact against metal.

The high abrasion resistance and non-corrosive interaction with aluminum allow technicians to work on the newer automotive models with aluminum panels and hoods.

Also works great with steel panels as well. A blow molded case is included to keep the dollies neat and organized.

Kit includes:

Double End Dolly (DF-AB712J)
Tough material with a 70mm diameter convex head and a 65mm wide curved wedge shaped head. I deal for working on lighter sheet metal panels as the material provides a cushioning effect to match the weight of the hammer without stretching.

Round End: 2 3/4" (70mm)
Wedge Edge: 2 1/2" (65mm)
Length: 7" (180mm)

Round Head Chisel Dolly (DF-AB712D)
Long handle and 95mm diameter half round head with chamfer on edge. Can reach into narrow openings to reform damaged panels.

Head: 3 1/2"
Length: 11" (280mm)

Bolster Head Dolly (DF-AB712C)
Long Handle with a 95mm straight blade chisel head with chamfer on edge, can reach into narrow openings.

Head: 3 1/2" (95mm)
Length: 11" (280mm)

Crease Alignment Tool (DF-AB712B)
Profiles can be laterally arranged with the groove crease. Used mostly for hoods and truck gates.

Profile Arranging Block (DF-AB712A)
Works great on heavily distorted areas as well as delicate repairs.

Hand Fist + Curved (DF-AB712K)
Used for bumping out roundness, large surfaces and edges.

Large Toe Dolly (DF-AB712G)
Works just as well on repair steel and aluminum hoods. Great for skin work.

Regular Heel Dolly (DF-AB712F)
Works well on thin sheet metal

General Purpose Dolly (DF-AB712H)
Comfortable in the hand during the heaviest blows.

Block Dolly (DF-AB712I)
2 uniquely shaped sides for general metal shaping.

Curved Dolly (DF-AB712E)
Slapping spoon

Wedge Dolly (DF-AB712L)
Curved face for curved sections.

90 day warranty. Sold as a set, pieces not sold individually.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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