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GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station

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Elevate your Glue Panel Repairs to the MAXIMUM !

The GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station DF-GM/DXE is the ultimate pulling station equipped with both cold and hot glue pulling options. From heavy duty glue GPR pulls to cosmetic PDR corrections this kit has your shop's needs covered.

Multiple cold and hot glue pulling options to repair damage in automotive steel and aluminum panels while preserving OEM coatings and interior integrity.


  • HOT & COLD GLUE - Repair panel damage utilizing the advantages of both methods.
  • HEAVY DUTY PULLS - Our Xtreme Glue Pulling system allows for powered assisted pulls.
  • SMALL & DETAIL CORRECTIONS - Ultra Ding Massager Kit for controlled pulls for small areas.
  • STORAGE & PROTECTION - Enclosed and lock-able cart protects the tools from the shop environment.


  1. DF-CGS71 Cold Adhesive Glue Slide Hammer Kit
  2. DF-CGS72 Cold Adhesive Glue Pads Kit w/Cold Glue "Mammoth Tar"
  3. DF-CGLB Arctic Ice Light Blue Cold Glue - 50 Grams
  4. DF-CGBT Mammoth Tar Cold Glue - 50 Grams
  5. DF-GPX Xtreme Glue Puller
  6. DF-DM555UDX Ding Massager Deluxe
  7. DF-DM24VP PDR Nibs 24pc Variety Pack
  8. DF-DM55DE Ding Enhancer Shield
  9. DF-DM510DBY Yellow Ding Board
  10. DF-505BP Bridge Puller
  11. DF-505BP/09 9-Finger Bear Claw for Bridge Puller
  12. DF-506 9-Finger Bear Claw
  13. DF-504 4-Finger Bear Claw
  14. DF-900LP Leverage Puller
  15. DF-DB79TK Knockdown Tool
  16. DF-LED935 LED Light
  17. DF-MR003 MatchHEAD
  18. DF-900DBH Dead Blow Hammer
  19. DF-900SFH 23mm Soft Hammer
  20. DF-900CAXE 5-Drawer Tool Cart - Made in USA

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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