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Cold Adhesive Glue Slide Hammer Set

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Product Details

The Cold Adhesive Glue Slide Hammer Set DF-CGS71 is a lightweight kit that is a great way for auto body professionals to quickly and safely move large areas of metal efficiently. The kit includes our 2.8 lbs Slide Hammer, 50 grams of our Mammoth Tar Cold Glue that provides almost instantaneous, strong adhesion and 4 uniquely shaped tabs. Each tab is aluminum for strength and durability. Tab sizes include: 38mm & 52mm Round Tabs and 22mm x 57mm & 36mm x 80mm Rectangular Tabs. Thread size is m12 x 175mm.

  • Simplicity - Performs without the need for specialized dispensing tools or glue guns
  • Simple & Safe - Mammoth Tar Cold Glue is clean and will not harm the finish of the vehicle.
  • All In One Solution - Slide Hammer and complete tab kit offers a complete turnkey cold glue pulling solution
  • Resilient - The composition is durable (with proper use) and can be kept without special storage conditions
  • Long Lasting - Durable adhesive is reusable up to 1-year and can be washed with soap and water to remove soil or contaminants

The application area of Mammoth Tar adhesive is very wide, but this product does not solve all the problems that a body repair expert will face.

The level of adhesion is different than hot glue. For example if there is complex damage like a sharp crease, Mammoth Tar will need the assistance of other pulling methods for an optimal repair.

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