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Arctic Ice Light Blue Cold Glue - 50 Grams

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Product Details

Arctic Ice Light Blue Cold Glue DF-CGLB is great for quickly and safely moving large areas of metal. The Arctic Ice Cold Glue is recommended when maximum adhesion is desired, with an extra adhesion force around 20-30% compared to Mammoth Tar. Arctic Ice also performs better in a wider range of temperatures. Includes a silicone storage pad for stress free storage and access when its time use again.

Arctic Ice is the one of the replacement cold glues included in the GLUEMAX Station (DF-GM//DXE sold separately).

Works great with our Cold Adhesive Glue Slide Hammer Set DF-CGS71 and Cold Adhesive Glue Pads Kit DF-CGS72 (Both Sold Separately)

  • Resilient - The composition is durable (with proper use) and can be kept without special storage conditions
  • Simplicity - Performs without the need for specialized dispensing tools or glue guns
  • Long Lasting - Durable adhesive is reusable up to 1-year and can be washed with soap and water to remove soil or contaminants.
  • Wide Climate Range - For use in cool and warm temperatures up to 86°F. When in cool conditions it is recommended to warm up the composition by stretching by hand.

The application area of Arctic Ice adhesive is very wide, but this product does not solve all the problems that a body repair expert will face.

The level of adhesion is different than hot glue. For example if there is complex damage like a sharp crease, Arctic Ice will need the assistance of other pulling methods for an optimal repair.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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